Score Example 8001-03

    Move your mouse over the various neumes in the following example to see the name of each neume.

    C clef torculus torculus Po- pu- lum scandicus podatus subbipunctis clivis porrectus hú- mi- lem clivis with morae podatus salvum liquescent neume torculus fá- clivis with episema ci- tripumctum es,

    The following example demonstrates using mouse-over hovering to view the data behind an analytical chart. The following notation shows the vocal range and pitch counts for the voices in the composition Vous ne l'aurez pas by Josquin des Prez.

    Moving the mouse over a bar in the pitch-count histogram will cause the bar to turn red. Then a tooltip will appear (with a delay of up to a quarter of a second depending on which browser you are viewing the page with). The tool tip displays a title element stored with the graphic description of each bar, and in this case the title reports the number of note attacks on that pitch throughout the composition.

    NJE 30.14 Vous ne l’aurez pas Superius 2 Cs 3 Ds 12 Es 8 Fs 17 Gs 26 As 12 Bs 11 Cs Sextus 8 As 6 Bs 6 Cs 14 Ds 14 Es 4 Fs 3 Gs Contratenor 1 C 6 Ds 6 Es 9 Fs 7 Gs 24 As 7 Bs 16 Cs 11 Ds 5 Es 1 F Tenor 10 Ds 11 Es 9 Fs 16 Gs 15 As 4 Bs 2 Cs Quintus 2 As 1 C 8 Ds 11 Es 6 Fs 9 Gs 24 As 3 Bs 7 Cs 8 Ds 6 Es 2 Fs Bassus 1 F 8 Gs 17 As 4 Bs 11 Cs 25 Ds 11 Es 4 Fs 3 As

    Here is both a ScoreXML data file and a plain SCORE PMX file (with an added #define feature not recognized by the SCORE editor).

    ScoreXML data: Equivalent PMX data: